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A9781929 - Dell 32 GB Certified Memory Module - DDR4 RDIMM 2666MHz 2Rx4

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    Product Specifications - Summary

    Memory Type: RDIMM

    Memory Speed: 2666MHz

    Memory Rank: Dual Rank

    Memory Size: 32GB

    Compatibility List

    ‌Precision Workstation T5810 XL

    Precision Workstation T5810

    PowerEdge R630

    PowerEdge R730

    PowerEdge T630

    PowerEdge R730XD

    PowerEdge R430

    PowerEdge R530

    PowerEdge T430

    PowerEdge M630

    PowerEdge C4130

    PowerEdge FC630

    PowerEdge FC430

    PowerEdge FC830

    PowerEdge M830

    PowerEdge R930

    Poweredge R830

    PowerEdge R640

    PowerEdge R740

    PowerEdge R940

    PowerEdge R740XD

    PowerEdge C6420

    Precision Workstation T7820

    Precision Workstation T7820 XL

    PowerEdge R440

    PowerEdge T640

    PowerEdge T440

    PowerEdge FC640

    PowerEdge M640

    PowerEdge M640 VRTX

    Precision Workstation R7920 XL

    Precision Workstation R7920

    Precision Workstation T7920 XL

    Precision Workstation T7920

    PowerEdge R540

    Precision Workstation T5820

    Precision Workstation T5820 XL

    PowerEdge C4140

    PowerEdge R6415

    PowerEdge R7415

    PowerEdge R7425

    PowerEdge R840

    PowerEdge R940xa

    PowerEdge MX740c

    PowerEdge MX840c

    PowerEdge R740xd2

    PowerEdge XR2

    Name and Product Code

    Product Name: A9781929 - Dell 32 GB Certified Memory Module - DDR4 RDIMM 2666MHz 2Rx4
    Product Code: A9781929


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    Shipping Length 15
    Shipping Width 15
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