About Us


Server Warehouse started in 2007as an Online Business and is an Enterprise Online Store that sells HP Proliant Servers, Dell PowerEdge Servers, Lenovo Servers, Networking Equipment, APC UPS and Synology & QNAP Storage Servers. 

This is a niche ecommerce site and you will only find products that are related to infrastructure, server and enterprise products. You will not find laptops, desktops, printers or cartridges on this site. 

What make us unique from other companies that sells enterprise products? Most of our products have daily updated prices and stock availability that is updated every morning from 70000+ line items, so the client will always be sure when he orders a products that the correct price is displayed and that an item is in stock.


Founder and Owner of Server Warehouse

Hennie van Rooyen



Hennie is responsible for the day-to-day operations and strategy of Server Warehouse.

 Server Warehouse was founded in 2007 by Hennie but only started with transactions in 2010.

The idea came when he was running another online business he founded in 2005 - Online Warehouse - he wanted to specialise in a niche market of enterprise IT products. Customisations of products especially server brands and server cabinets is high on the agenda and Server Warehouse strive to give these product special attention so that solutions are built and not just selling a product. Every product on the site have a "Request for Quote" section and most transactions happens offline although we are moving more into full solution building online.