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Comstars Mining Rig Power Supply 1850W

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    Product Notes

    ‌1850 watt mining power supply

    Has enough power to power 8x 200 watt GPU/graphics cards and the motherboard

    ATX 24 way power connector. Can be modified to 20 way

    ATX 8 pin (EPS) 12V connector. Can be modified to 2x 4-pin 12V connectors

    SATA power connectors x7

    PCIe 8-pin 12V power connector x16. Each can be modified to 6-pin

    Peripheral power connector 4-pin straight (5V and 12V) x5

    Above can be changed to SATA power connectors with adaptor cables

    Name and Product Code

    Product Name: Comstars Mining Rig Power Supply 1850W
    Product Code: KT-18510PP-ATX


    Shipping Weight 2.00
    Shipping Length 30.00
    Shipping Width 30.00
    Shipping Height 30.00